Perennial Management, LLC
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About Us


About Us

Diane Nelson is the managing member of Perennial Management, LLC and the president of Perennial Properties, Inc. Diane has over 20 years of experience directing property management firms. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her experience after college includes employment for private developers, non-profits and government agencies. She holds a real estate broker license in Minnesota. 

Sue Whirry, Director of Compliance, has extensive training and experience with numerous affordable housing programs and their related compliance requirements. She has been with Perennial since 1987. She holds a Minnesota real estate license and numerous compliance certifications.

Lori Rumpza and Kathie Darrington make up our senior accounting staff. Lori also handles human resource issues, while Kathie manages Section 8 compliance. Their combined experience with the firm is more than 25 years.

In addition, we have numerous staff members working in compliance, management, and maintenance who individually have 10+ years with Perennial. This combined level of experience provides a strong knowledge of properties and a continuity of service and dependability.